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About Us

HouseKeys is the brainchild of Nyanda & Associates (N&A), a consulting firm dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of community and economic development programming aimed at improving lives.  In addition to working with local jurisdictions, our management team is focused on building a firm that attracts and develops civic minded professionals.

HouseKeys started the Model City Project with the City of Morgan Hill in 2015 to establish a full-time Program Administration Team to manage Affordable Housing and Finance Programming.  On a per capita basis, Morgan Hill has one of highest number of affordable housing units in the state.  The HouseKeys team worked onsite at the City, alongside Staff and with Council, to overhaul program administration operations. 

Looking to expand on the Model City concept, HouseKeys added additional contractual relationships with the cities of Campbell, San Francisco, and Burlingame.  We are extremely proud to add the City of Gilroy to the HouseKeys family.

With the benefit of these unique jurisdictions acting as a Model City Cohort, HouseKeys works to help decision makers retool and restructure their program operations to increase the sustainability and availability of housing opportunities in the face of an ever-changing political, social and economic landscape.

Experienced Team. Innovative Model.

After having worked in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors over the past 20 years, the HouseKeys team formed a "hybrid social enterprise organization" - an innovative model that combines the community focus and oversight of a nonprofit agency, with the market savvy of a for-profit company.  By harnessing the revenues earned through providing specialized services during the entitlement, development, construction, sale and financing of affordable housing - HouseKeys can subsidize operating costs and administer programs at significantly lower contract rate.  In addition to cost-savings, we offer local governments increased capacity by placing an emphasis on competency, and recruiting and training team members with specific expertise in vital program operation areas.  We also have a patent-pending software platform to help manage program inventory, transactions, and day-to-day activity. 

This innovative model is not perfect.  From day one, we've continued to iterate and use the lessons we've learned from a decade's worth of collaboration across multiple organizations. The program administration team came together in 2012 as a small department within a local Silicon Valley nonprofit.  Team members were recruited from local nonprofit housing agencies, local lenders, and real estate agencies, all having developed specialized skill-sets working in the affordable housing sector. From there, the team expanded and eventually grew into an independent organization in 2015.  Together with local community leaders, stakeholders, residents, and households - the HouseKeys team has worked to meet ever-increasing programmatic challenges and demands.  


The HouseKeys Team Primary Contacts


program manager

Julius Nyanda

Julius is the manager of the Program Administration Operation.  He is the first point of contact for the City during the on-boarding process and transition from previous program administration contacts and practices.  He is also the primary point of contact for all new residential development projects whereby affordable unit commitments have been made.  All major issues and escalations will go to Julius, especially during the initial 12 months of the administration term.



program asset manager

Christina Enriquez (Spanish Speaking)

Christina is the Program Asset Manager.  She is the primary point of contact for all matters relating to current escrows and existing property owners (including resales and refinances).  The Asset Management file is the file we use to manage inventory record-keeping, asset activity (including remodel, refinance and resales) and annual compliance records.  There is a Program Owner Service Ticket link that will go to Christina to start the process of HouseKeys responding to your program asset needs.

program relationship Manager

Abraham Valle  (Spanish Speaking)

As Program Relationship Manager, Abraham Valle is responsible for coordinating communications between the program and its applicants, ensuring excellent customer service and applicants satisfaction.  Communication responsibility includes orientation registrations, service tickets, application files and annual compliance certifications.

program officer and real estate agent

Marian Sacco

Marian is the Program Officer and Real Estate Agent who serves as the primary customer contact for BMR Property owners involved in a sale transactions. Marian will guide property owners through the listing and sale process and will coordinate with local agents to get them familiar with how to properly cooperation on an affordable unit sale so as to maintain program compliance and a proper transfer to an eligible buyer.